Entry-Level Detail Package Menu:


  • Light use of detailing clay on paint and windows
  • Degrease and dress wheel wells
  • Remove road tar from rocker panels
  • Clean outside/face of wheels
  • Degrease and dress tires
  • Wax paint
  • Clean windows


  • Complete vacuum excluding trunk
  • Shampoo all floor mats
  • Light shampoo on all seating
  • Wipe down of all door panels
  • Wipe down and dusting of all dash gauges, vents, center console
  • Clean windows

Gold Service Detail Menu:


  • Complete removal of fall-out, rail dust, paint contaminates from all paint and glass surfaces. (this will leave your paint silky smooth)
  • Degrease and dress wheel wells.
  • Clean/degrease door jambs, door sills, etc.
  • Removal of road tar.
  • Complete detailing of rocker panels from all road grime.
  • Clean wheels including inside wheel barrels if applicable. (Not possible on all car wheels. Please inquire when calling. Brake dust will eventually become a permanent fixture to the inside of your wheels if allowed to remain long enough. A case by case decision will be made with you at time of appointment regarding this issue.)
  • Degrease and dress tires.
  • Wax/seal paint.
  • Clean windows.


  • Complete vacuum including trunk.
  • Meticulously clean, shampoo, and detail all interior materials and surfaces including but not limited to: floor mats, carpeting, seating, door panels, cubby-holes, dash gauges, vents, etc., etc.
  • Heavy duty cleaning of all interior leather.
  • Removal of all door entry scuff/skid marks due to transfer from shoes, etc. (actual damage of interior materials cannot be "cleaned away")
  • Leather conditioning using light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment. (some black interiors will reveal a subtle shine when treated)
  • Clean windows


plasti dip/peelable paint:


we also offer dyc world famous peelable auto paint.

This is not to get confuse with painting or repainting of your car.

this product is call (plasti dip) not plastic dip even though it is a rubber base is 100% removable/peelable.

There's a variety of different colors to choose from so please inquire when you call.

Plasti dip can and will help protect your paint from (all type of weather) especially in the winter when there's a lot of salt on the road.

The process takes approximately 2 days to complete.

The first day we power wash the vehicle and mask (tape up ) to air dry. And then the second day spraying/ applying the paint.

There's no limits as to what can get dip. Here's a short list








-Custom parts